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The scientific reason hate is on the rise.

A record number of hate crimes are being recorded – but why is this and what can we do to stop them, asks Matthew Williams.

Psychology Today

We Are Not Immune to the Threat of Virtual Hatred

Algorithms, social media filter bubbles, and hate.


Racism still exists during war – and it can’t be ignored

As the horrific fallout of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine sends shockwaves around the world – a crisis within a crisis is developing.

Sunday Express

England’s top female footballers have been warned they face “a perfect storm” of online abuse at this summer’s Euros.

Professor Matthew Williams, who runs HateLab, said the tournament will inveitably be a magnet for racism and misogyny.

The Sun

England’s top female footballers face racist and sexist abuse at this year’s Euros, experts warn.

Professor Matthew Williams of Cardiff University’s HateLab, said “trigger events” would see trolls pile in.

ITV News

On the potential impact of the Premier League boycott of social media because of online hate: “I’ve been working in this area for 20 years, ten of those years heavily involved in social media, and to date I’ve seen nothing quite as coordinated as this…it could beginning of a movement


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Is Hate on the Rise?

Why is there So Much Hate on Social Media?