Black and white image of Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

‘Becoming a hate crime victim twenty years ago saw me embark on a journey to find out why. I wrote ‘The Science of Hate’ to share what I discovered.’

Matthew is Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University and is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost experts in hate crime. He advises and has conducted research for the UK Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the US Department of Justice and Google, among others. Williams also directs the HateLab, a multimillion-pound global hub for data and insight to monitor and counter online hate speech and crime, and he has conducted the largest dedicated study of hate victimisation in the UK. His research has appeared in documentaries for both Panorama (BBC) and Exposure (ITV) and in major publications including The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, the Los Angeles Times, Scientific American and New Scientist.